To Market, To Market - Hardback Edition

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This absorbing book traces the history of both the Market Hall and Market Ground at Ashton under Lyne and is a volume packed with facts spanning over hundreds of years, and is richly illustrated with many photographs. Find out what life was like for those very first traders and shoppers. Learn of the many characters that throughout time brought colour and life to the town. Read how the war years affected trading and how the town's people coped with their problems. Relive the period when the Saturday night market became an outing for the whole family and of the traders like Harry Gilbert, Sam the Pot Man, Finnerty and Entwistle all of whom became famous throughout the area. There is a whole new chapter covering the period from the books last publication in 1998 up to 2009. The devastation caused by the fire in 2004 is covered as too is the aftermath with the building and opening of the Phoenix Market and the subsequent rebuilding and repening of the original ancient hall. From its beginnings near to St.Michael's Square to its present town centre site, the market has always attracted attention, just as this enlightening and entertaining book will do as it reveals to you the story of one of the north's great markets.

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