Bygone Ashton-under-Lyne by Samuel Hill

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NOTE: Plus £1.00 p&p on this item. Bygone Ashton-under-Lyne appeared for the first time in print over 100 years ago in a series of articles in the then Ashton-under-Lyne Reporter. Its author Samuel Hill was at the time extremely well known in the area. His published works included the popular ‘Bygone Stalybridge’ and several Lancashire dialect poetry books. As with all his previous works ‘Bygone Ashton-under-Lyne’ was entered into wholeheartedly and from the outset it was his intention to fill the void left by earlier books, while not wanting to present a tiresome catalogue of dates and particulars. He finally produced a history of which all who first studied it a century ago must have felt suitably pleased. On completion of the serialisation of ‘Bygone Ashton-under-Lyne’ in 1909 it had been the intention to produce the work as a book. However, with the early death of its author the project never reached maturity until 90 years later. In 1999 Hoyd Publications in marking the new millennium published a short print run of ‘Bygone Ashton’ in book form. In 2009 to mark the centenary of Samuel Hill’s death the book was again made newly available. * Over 185 pages of text with illustrations including several by the author. HOYD PUBLISHING once again give you the opportunity of owning this fine work

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