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Medieval Ashton, The Black Lad, The town’s famous Black Knight and the much loved Black Knight Pageants.

The Knight Rides Out is an absorbing journey back in time to explore and examine part of Ashton's heritage. The various theories and ideas behind the legend of the Black Knight - from pagan rituals to the evil doings of Sir Ralph de Assheton - are all looked at. From the once solemn Riding of the Black Lad with its brutal ending to the alcohol influenced parades of Victorian times. The Knight Rides Out brings these events alive culminating with the splendour and spectacle of the Black Knight Pageants. This book examines all aspects of the legend of Ashton's infamous Black Knight. From early pagan rituals to the association with the Assheton family. Read of Sir Ralph de Assheton's connection, of his evil deeds upon landworkers and townsfolk; and how the townspeople destroyed his effigy every Eastertide. Read of the drunken street parades and of Victorian pub-crawls, all done in the name of the Black Knight, and how from these evolved the famous pageants. Three full chapters are devoted to the grand spectacular pageants. At their peak they rivalled London's Lord Mayor's Show, with over 100,000 people at one time filling the town's streets to witness the splendour. Read of the many characters that took part in the parades. From the regal Cotton and Pageant Queens to those in fancy dress. Illustrated throughout with many photographs

'The Knight Rides Out' is the first publication to solely document the legend of the Black Knight and the pageants. A5 size - approx 130 pages - well illustrated.