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Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy's Film Fun

The British Film Fun comic was first issued on 17 January 1920 with the last edition hitting the shelves on 15 September 1962. During this time, it amassed a regular following and was probably at its peak during the 1940s and 1950s. As the title suggests its pages featured many comedy stars of the big screen in comic strip form. Beginning with Harold Lloyd and Fatty Arbuckle the comic evolved over the years as upcoming stars eclipsed older ones. Other stars featured included Abbot & Costello, Frank Randle, George Formby, Terry Thomas, Tony Hancock and many others. However, the stars with the most longevity were undoubtedly Laurel & Hardy. They first appeared as a two-page centre spread in 1930 and four years later were given the prestigious cover position. They remained as cover stars until 1957 the year of Oliver Hardy’s death.

2020 marked 90 years since their first appearance in Film Fun and to commemorate this occasion a special 114-page book containing a compilation of their antics was due to be released in November. However, due to Covid associated problems the publication was slightly delayed but became available from April 2021.




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From the back cover:

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy can quite rightly be described as probably the greatest film comedians of all time. As a team ‘Laurel & Hardy’ made over 100 short and feature-length films together. Although they had both appeared individually in the 1921 film ‘Lucky Dog’ it would be another six years before their official teaming.

Many of their early films were silent and much of their comedy was visual. With the coming of sound many silent films stars found it difficult to make the transition – not so for Stan & Ollie. They moved effortlessly into the new medium keeping true to their visual humour and with clever minimal use of sound.

The year 1930 saw several of their films released including, ‘Night Owls’, ‘Hog Wild’ and The Laurel - Hardy Murder Case’. This was also the year in which they were first presented in Film Fun with a two-page centre spread.

Some of Stan and Ollie’s finest work came with the 20-30 minute short subjects. Their masterpiece ‘Music Box’ won the 1931-32 Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film. They also excelled in feature films with many considered as classics including, ‘The Sons of the Desert’, ‘Our Relations’ and ‘Way Out West’. In 1975 their song ‘The Trail of the Lonesome Pine’ which featured in ‘Way Out West’ stormed the British music charts only to be denied the number one position by Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

Even when their film career faltered slightly, they remained ever present with cinema compilation films and countless reruns on television. Their appearances in the Film Fun comic ran for twenty-seven years only ending after the death of Oliver Hardy in 1957.

Film Fun was published by Amalgamated Press who had an in-house stable of talented artists. Laurel & Hardy were first caricatured by Bill Wakefield and later by his son Terry Wakefield. To mark the 90 anniversary of Laurel & Hardy’s first appearance in Film Fun many of their comic-strips have been brought together for the first time in this publication.

A wonderful book for all Laurel & Hardy Fans and Collectors of British Comics.

The Comic Strip antics of film comedian Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy

Culled from the pages of vintage Film Fun Annuals and Comics.

114 pages of vintage laughter from HOYD Publishing

Just like the comic annuals of yesteryear there is space for you to personalise the book on the

‘This Book Belongs to…’ page.